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Demand Analysis For Your Building Construction Project.

Primabuilder can provide you detailed project analysis according to your project. Including the feasibility analysis of design and product. At present, Primabuilder can provide project demand analysis for balustrades, staircase, doors and windows, curtain walls, partitions, cabinets, wardrobes, sanitary ware, floors and ceramic tiles. With our optimized supply chain, Primabuilder provide analysis services and professional technical support to our customers. For products, Primabuilder have a professional technical team to ensure that you choose the right products for your project. According to your situation, let the designer make customized plans for your project.

Construction Project Demand Analysis
Through the analysis of the construction of various housing buildings and their ancillary facilities and the installation activities of their supporting lines, pipelines and equipment. Including the top cover, beams and columns, walls, foundations and the ability to form an internal space design.

Primabuilder's commercial building project analysis range including shopping mall, commercial street, amusement park、office building、hotel、shop、 supper market ect.

Structural part: including foundation, main body, secondary structure and so on.

Decoration part: exterior wall, roof shape, interior wall, floor, windowsill decoration and so on.

Doors and windows: including ordinary doors, fire doors, evacuation doors, external windows, internal windows, lighting windows, ventilation windows, etc.

Waterproofing system: underground waterproofing, roofing waterproofing, toilet, kitchen waterproofing, edge waterproofing, etc.

Insulation system: roof insulation, external wall insulation, water heating, floor heating, etc.

Water supply, fire protection and other pipelines, such as ventilation and gas exchange pipelines.

Electrical system, intelligent building (TV, broadband, telephone, etc.)

According to the actual situation of construction projects, the customized products are analyzed. Analyse whether the structure is reasonable, whether the style is harmonious, whether the design is feasible, etc. At present, customizable products include stairs, guardrails, doors and windows, cabinets, wardrobes, partitions, bathroom cabinets and other building materials. The analysis and solutions are given according to the different places used in building materials products.